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hoopla Global Launches “Made in the USA” Natural and Organic Brands on

Initiative helps Oregon entrepreneurs meet Chinese demand for safe, trusted consumer products

Portland, Oregon – August 6, 2018 – hoopla Global, the company that makes it easier for producers of “Made in the USA” products to tap the Chinese market, today announced the launch of its flagship store on e-commerce, China’s largest retailer. hoopla Global’s cooperation with the Port of Portland and Oregon Agricultural value-added brands will help ensure Made in the USA food, beverage, health & beauty, and baby products from hoopla Global reach Chinese consumers through a quick and frictionless process.

The cooperation between hoopla Global and JD provides American natural and organic brands unparalleled access to the enormous and rapidly-growing Chinese market. JD’s reputation for authentic, trusted and safe products is the ideal platform for hoopla Global, which promises only the best Made in the USA natural products with the highest-quality ingredients.

“In my more than 30 years of doing business directly with China, I have never experienced this level of open market access for USA brands that JD is providing us,” said Stuart Follen, co-founder and Chairman of hoopla Global. “Our flagship store on JD is the fulfillment of a dream to provide my Chinese friends and their friends with the trusted ‘Better for You’ products they could previously only get by hopping on a plane and traveling to the U.S.”

“ is pleased to announce our partnership with hoopla Global and to offer its Made in the USA natural and organic brands to our more than 300 million customers,” said Vicky Zhuang, General Manager North America of “As we continue to grow our offering of U.S. brands, we look forward to expanding our cooperation with hoopla Global.”

Based in Portland, Oregon, a birthplace of the natural and organic movement in America, hoopla Global provides special focus and insight into the unique, consumer-friendly products and the innovative entrepreneurs that are developing today’s leading-edge clean and safe consumer goods.  “We work closely with Oregon’s food and agricultural businesses to promote and build demand for the diversity of what the state produces,” says Alexis Taylor, director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture. “Through our many trade mission opportunities Oregon businesses and producers are learning firsthand how they can connect with and serve international markets such as the growing middle-class in China. The relationships built through this work is helping to create global awareness for Oregon’s high-quality brands that benefits Oregon locally, regionally and globally.”

“China presents substantial and growing opportunities for Oregon exporters, particularly for natural and organic branded products. The growth of ecommerce among Chinese consumers is unparalleled on earth,” said Scott Goddin, Director, U.S. Commercial Service-Oregon, U.S. Department of Commerce/International Trade – the lead trade promotion agency of the U.S. Government. “Oregon firms should explore fully the opportunities presented by effective ecommerce platforms for brand market exposure and market entry into this huge and challenging market.  Hoopla Global and partners offer an exciting channel meriting special consideration.”  

Hosting a live event to announce this exciting launch is another crucial partner for hoopla Global, the Port of Portland. Quite simply, hoopla Global’s ability to move product from the U.S to China with ease, efficiency and affordability would not be possible without the help and cooperation of the Port of Portland. “We are excited about this entrepreneurial launch by a Portland-based company to open international access for Oregon and other USA food makers,” said Keith Leavitt, chief commercial officer at the Port of Portland. “The intermodal rail service at Terminal 6 is an example of how we are offering hoopla Global and other local shippers another option to move their products to domestic and overseas markets.”  

About hoopla Global
Founded in early 2017, hoopla Global was created by pioneering entrepreneurs with the intent of eliminating their fellow entrepreneur’s greatest export challenge - fear. The fear of getting paid, of tariffs and barriers driving up costs and driving down margins, of unknown transportation costs, domestic government regulations, foreign government protocols, foreign distribution, delivery challenges, cultural barriers, and on and on. Quite simply, hoopla Global was designed to eliminate all the “hoopla” surrounding export for Made in the USA natural and organic consumer product goods brands. For more information, please visit Additional information is available at, and
To visit hoopla Global’s flagship store:



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