We serve a larger community, from nearby neighborhoods to global partners.

From environmental outreach to teaching kids about world trade to holding community meetings, we contribute time and resources to local events and programs.

Connecting with youth

Learning what’s going on in the world starts early: Students get hands-on experience through a variety of activities.

Career Days

Career Days

Ever wonder what it’s like to work at America’s best airport? During Career Days, students “role play” what might happen in an emergency and go behind the scenes at PDX’s command center. They also learn about working in emergency response, wildlife management, public relations, retail management and airport security.

Want to bring these activities to your classroom?

Please contact: Jayson Shanafelt - Community Affairs Tour and Outreach Manager

Jayson Shanafelt

Environmental Volunteerism & Partnership

From donating to planting, we offer community programs dedicated to making our environment a better place.

Friends of Trees

Friends of Trees

We contribute to our area’s natural beauty and urban canopy by volunteering. For years, we’ve partnered with Friends of Trees and others to plant trees from the Sandy River Delta to local neighborhoods.

Sustainability Tours

We’re proud of our LEED Platinum-certified headquarters, and offer sustainability tours to interested groups to learn about the green features of the building. They include a Living Machine™ ecological wastewater treatment system and closed-loop ground source heating and cooling.

Sustainability Tours
Urban Gleaners

Urban Gleaners

After regularly seeing a lot of good food in compost bins at PDX, we partnered with Urban Gleaners to develop a donation program, which brings food from airport businesses to families in need. PDX restaurants donate unsold, ready-to-eat food products such as sandwiches, salads, parfaits, baked goods and produce. So far, the program has delivered more than 150,000 meals to the community.

Community Engagement

We’ll listen to what you have to say. And then we’ll take action.

PDX Citizen Advisory Committee

PDX Community Advisory Committee

The committee is our collaboration with the cities of Portland and Vancouver, Washington. This 30-person group meets every quarter, reviews airport projects and supports sustainability, economic development, environmental leadership and social responsibility.

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This 10-person committee will meet four times each year to advise us on project specific outreach strategies and discuss ongoing operations. HACA will help implement digital and in-person outreach and provide opportunities for the community to be informed, to inspire change and to provide feedback on relevant decisions related to Hillsboro Airport.

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Hillsboro Community Advisors
Citizen Noise Advisory Committee


This 15-person committee is our official forum for working with the community on issues related to PDX aircraft noise. Committee representatives are from northwest Oregon and southwest Washington.

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The mayors of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington established the International Air Service Committee, which consists of business, travel industry and community leaders in the region. The committee establishes and maintains nonstop international air service between PDXand Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada.

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International Air Service Committee
Community Affairs Team
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