Exchanging ideas and information with the community helps us better serve the region

We work with an equity lens to connect communities with our projects and priorities.
One way we do this is through our sponsorship program. If you would like to apply for a sponsorship, please complete the application form linked below:

Sponsorship Request Form


We partnered with Urban Gleaners to develop a donation program that brings unsold food from the airport to families in need. The program has already delivered more than 500,000 meals to the community.

Educational Tours

We provide site tours for students and community groups with a focus on career opportunities in STEAM, skilled trades, environmental protection, and public safety.

Tour Request Form


The Port of Portland is an integral part of the communities where we operate and we are committed to playing an active role in supporting and enhancing the businesses and communities in our region. For more than 20 years, the Port has supported the community through the sponsorship of events, programs, and activities.

**Please Note: our sponsorship program has restructured and will be reviewing applications on a quarterly basis - please see the application below regarding application and selection dates**

Sponsorship Request Form


We were proud to sponsor the Japan-America Society of Oregon 2020 Women's Luncheon, which featured an inspiring conversation about women breaking barriers in the workplace.


Advisory Committees

Our neighbors and regional partners have a unique understanding of the benefits and impacts of the Port, and we are committed to creating opportunities for mutual learning and understanding.

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Community Impact Team
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