Terminal 5

Located just to the south of Terminal 6 on the northwest edge of the Port’s 2,800-acre Rivergate Industrial District.


Terminal 5 and its 159 acres hosts a rapid-handling grain elevator operated by Columbia Grain and a potash export facility operated by Portland Bulk Terminals for Canpotex.

Terminal 5 Specifications
  • Grain terminal leased and operated by Columbia Grain, Inc.
  • Mineral bulk facility leased by Portland Bulk Terminals
  • General manufacturing facility available
Berths 2
Total berth length 5,250 ft (1,600 m)
Draft Alongside 43 ft
Terminal acreage 159 acres (4 hectares)
Terminal 5 Specifications
Dry bulk
Drybulk at Terminal 5

Potash, a nutrient used in fertilizer, is one of the dry bulk products moved through Terminal 5. Canpotex recently completed a terminal expansion to boost production capacity from 3.5 million metric tons per year to a total of 7.5 million metric tons per year.


A top local commodity, Oregon grown bulk grains are exported to Japan and other parts of the world. On average, 2-4 million tons of grain is shipped through Portland annually to feed other parts of the world. Historians have even referred to the Columbia River as a “river of grain” for its strong connection in moving the crop.

Grain at Terminal 5
Oregon Wheat at Terminal 5 Play Video

Oregon Wheat

More wheat is exported from the Port of Portland than from any other U.S. seaport. Around 90 percent of Oregon grown wheat is exported overseas. From farm to table, learn how wheat grown here helps feed the world and boost our economy.

Liquid Bulk

International Raw Materials handles a variety of liquid fertilizer products. The global company delivers liquid material fertilizers used to grow healthy, sustainable crops in farming systems around the world. An updated pipeline rack system at the terminal was constructed in 2010 to cater to specific tenant needs.

Liquid Bulk at Terminal 4
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Terminal 5 and its 159 acres host a rapid-handling grain elevator operated by Columbia Grain and a potash export facility operated by Canpotex.

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