The goal of the Workforce Training and Hiring program is to increase the number of minorities and women in the construction trades through apprenticeship opportunities.  The Port is committed to supporting a diverse workforce and the inclusion of  minorities and women in the trades through on-the-job training on Port construction projects. 

Our Workforce Training and Hiring program requires contractors to provide on-the-job training for state registered apprentices on Port construction projects. The Workforce program applies to all construction projects $500k or more and to each subcontract $100k or more on the same project.

The following percentages shall be attained for each project subject Workforce Program requirements.

  • A minimum of 20% of total work hours in each apprenticeable trade shall be performed by state-registered apprentices;
  • A minimum of 14% of total work hours shall be performed by women – both journey and apprentice-level workers;
  • A minimum of 25% total work hours shall be performed by persons of color – both journey and apprentice level workers;

Online Reporting:

All contractors are required to submit Certified Payroll Reports into our online tracking system LCPTracker.   


Rise Up Oregon

The Port is committed to making all of our jobsites free from harassment, hazing, and bullying and welcoming to all workers regardless of race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation or identity. In support of this commitment we are partnering with RISE UP Oregon to provide education to our contractors on bystander-intervention and harassment prevention training. 

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