We support efforts to build a diverse, skilled workforce for the construction industry and increase the number of apprentices on our projects. One crucial way to do that through on-the-job training.

Our Workforce Training and Hiring program requires contractors to provide on-the-job training for registered apprentices on Port construction projects. The Workforce program applies to all construction projects $500k or more and to each subcontract $100k or more on the same project.

The following percentages shall be attained for each project subject Workforce Program requirements.

  • A minimum of 20% of total work hours in each apprenticeable trade shall be performed by state-registered apprentices;
  • A minimum of 14% of total work hours shall be performed by women – both journey and apprentice-level workers;
  • A minimum of 25% total work hours shall be performed by persons of color – both journey and apprentice level workers;


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