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Getting to Port Headquarters

To get here, just head to the Portland International Airport - PDX, as we call it - and follow signs to park in the long-term parking garage. From there, look for "Port Offices" signage in the northeast corner of the garage, farthest from the terminal. Take the parking garage elevator to the first floor lobby, hop out, head around the corner and take the headquarters building elevator to the eighth floor reception desk. Voila - you made it!

If taking TriMet MAX, follow the directions to the baggage claim level of the airport (do not take the escalators to the ticketing level). Go to the north end of the terminal. Note the overhead sign directions for Port Offices and take the escalator down to the North Tunnel. Proceed down the tunnel to the very end and turn right to the automatic doors directly ahead. The elevators there will take you to the Port Offices on the eighth floor.

Getting to Portland International Airport (PDX)

Owned and operated by the Port of Portland, directions to PDX can be found below. If you need further information about parking at PDX, please click here.

Getting to PDX Maintenance

Getting to Marine Maintenance

Getting to the PDX Fire Department