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It is the policy of the Port to provide public access to Port records in an efficient and responsive manner through use of published request procedures and through prompt acknowledgement of all requests. The Public Records Law expressly authorizes public agencies like the Port to establish reasonable fees for the actual costs of making the records available, and unless expressly waived, the Port will impose these fees. Actual costs include paper or other media, as well as time spent locating, reviewing, redacting, copying, and supervising a person’s inspection of original records. Actual costs also may include time spent by an attorney reviewing the records. The Port may reduce or waive fees if making the records available primarily benefit the general public. In order to have a request for waiver considered the requestor should provide a statement about how the release of the records affects the community or the public as a whole in contrast to a concern or interest of a private individual or entity. All requests are evaluated on the circumstances as a whole, including the burden to the Port in locating or preparing the records.