TTD Pilot's Guide

Rwy 07/25 - 5400' x 150'

Rwy 7 - NDB, VASI
Rwy 25 - GPS, VASI

Twys A, B - 50' wide

10nm East of PDX
Elevation: 35' MSL


Weight Bearing Capacity
Rwy 7/25, Twys A, B - 19,000 lbs.

Troutdale Airport - Noise Abatement Program

Operating an airport near residential areas while ensuring a safe and efficient air transportation system is a nationwide challenge. Courteous and responsible pilots are the key to a successful noise management program. Key elements of a successful program are avoiding unnecessary residential overflights and flying as quietly as safety permits.

Please help us maintain a Good Neighbor relationship with the surrounding communities by following the recommended noise abatement procedures illustrated in the section below. Safety always supersedes fly neighborly procedures. The procedures described in this guide are not intended to preempt the prerogative or responsibilities of the pilot-in-command for aircraft operation. The procedures also are not intended to conflict with ATC instructions, which are the exclusive authority of the FAA.

Be courteous-fly neighborly.

For a copy of the Pilot's Guide, contact the General Aviation Office at 503.460.4100.

VFR Noise Abatement Procedures
Safety permitting, avoid flying over nearby residential areas when arriving or departing Troutdale Airport. Please follow these procedures when safety, weather, and ATC instructions permit:

Departing the traffic pattern, expect:

  • Runway 25 - right or left crosswind departure
  • Runway 7 - right or left crosswind departure or runway heading