Hillsboro Airport Master Plan



Master Plan Update

Hillsboro Airport is an integral part of the region’s transportation system, providing general aviation facilities to businesses and residents of Washington County and beyond.

Established in 1928, Hillsboro Airport was privately operated and later purchased by the City of Hillsboro. The Port of Portland took over operation of the airport in 1966. Located on approximately 950 acres, the airport has three runways (6,600-feet; 3,821-feet; and 3,600-feet), a Federal Aviation Administration air traffic control tower and an instrument landing system.

As the second busiest airport in Oregon, Hillsboro Airport is home to local corporate flight departments, aircraft charter services for business travel, air ambulance services, TV news helicopters, flight schools, aircraft maintenance and repair operations, a corporate air shuttle service, and a U.S. Customs and Border Protection office for international flights. In all, more than 25 businesses operate on-airport.

The most recent economic impact study shows that the Hillsboro Airport generated 1,472 jobs at the airport and in the community, $83.5 million in personal income, and $107.4 million in business revenue.

Master Plan Scope of Work and Schedule

This Master Plan Update is an 18-24 month effort, which kicked off in February 2017.

Using the 2005 Master Plan as the foundation of the study, this update will determine the role of Hillsboro Airport and provide a better understanding of the complex relationship between aviation and non-aviation uses, adjacent land uses, and create an integrated plan. This project will work through three phases of the study to arrive at Plan Implementation:

  1. The Investigation Phase will include a review and formalization of the airport’s existing conditions and users, review and examination of the airport’s role now and into the future, and forecasts for those roles.
  2. Once the airport’s role and future requirements are reviewed, the project will move into the Analysis Phase, determining the facilities needed to meet those requirements. Multiple airport layout options and costs will be generated, benefits and impacts of the alternatives will be examined, and a preferred alternative will be selected to move forward into the Formulization Phase.
  3. In the Formalization Phase, the Airport Layout Plan – a visual depiction integrating existing and future airport facilities – will be created. In addition, a capital plan will be created to forecast the investments needed for implementation.

The Port has added several special areas of interest to the Master Plan Update effort. These areas include: seismic resiliency, stormwater, community access, noise and air quality, and focused site planning. Critical to this update effort is input provided by the Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) – composed of 18 members representing diverse community, environmental and business interests – and the public.

Planning Advisory Committee

City of Hillsboro
Colin Cooper

Hillsboro Airport Manager
Steve Nagy, Port

FAA Local Air Traffic Control
Casey Sherwood, Air Traffic Manager

Environmental/Regulatory Interest
Jadene Stensland, Clean Water Services

Washington County
Andrew Singelakis

Citizen at Large – CPO 8
Henry Oberhelman

Citizen at Large – CPO 9
Kimberly Culbertson

Citizen at Large
Charles Hagele

Citizen at Large
Keyanus Jacobo

Citizen at Large
Alison Elmer

Citizen at Large
Juan Carlos González

Youth Citizen at Large
Trent Robinson, City Hillsboro Youth Advisory Committee

Airport Business Representative
Dirk Wittig, Northwest Aircraft Maintenance

Airport Business Representative
Ryan McCartney, Hillsboro Aviation

Airport Equity Business Representative
Monika Johnson, Airway Science for Kids

Local Business Representative
Deanna Palm, Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce

Aviation Industry Professional
Scott Gratsinger, Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA)

PAC Chair
Jerry Willey

Supporting Documents
Upcoming Meetings

Hillsboro Airport Community Advisors Meeting #5

10/27/2020, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM

The fifth meeting of the Hillsboro Airport Community Advisors committee. Public welcome to attend. The meeting will be held from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. Topics include an update on Hillsboro Airport, informational learning session about O-ACE academy, and a discussion about outreach strategy for 2021.

***Public interested in discussing ongoing operational concerns can reach out directly to jayson.shanafelt@portofportland.com to schedule time with staff. ***

Zoom Meeting: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_Z_XH4qQaRw6apfZNPKXBcA 


Location: Zoom Meeting

Jayson Shanafelt     5034156853

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