Stormwater Management

One of the biggest water quality aspects for the Port is stormwater management. With about 3,000 acres of impervious surface, the Port manages miles of collection systems.

Our Stormwater Management Program is designed to prevent, reduce and eliminate the discharge of polluted stormwater to the Columbia Slough, Willamette, Columbia and Tualatin (tributary) rivers. Source control is a strategic part of our program to prevent pollution in the first place. We completed a Stormwater Master Plan in 2015 to guide future investments in infrastructure.

Port tenants play a critical role in helping protect local water quality. We’ve developed technical resources to help them identify potential sources of pollutants and improve stormwater management at their facilities.

Fact sheets on permitting, pollutants and best-management practices are available below.

For additional questions related to stormwater management at Port of Portland facilities, contact Danelle Peterson at 503.415.6722.