Tenant Improvement Process

The Tenant Improvement Process is designed to:

  • Assist tenants with their contractual requirements
  • Minimize tenant design expense
  • Ensure smooth and timely construction

Pre-design Orientation Meeting and Schematic Design Review

1.1 Tenant meets with Facilities and Properties to discuss concept, and to review Design Review and Construction Permitting processes.
1.2 Tenant submits basic schematic plans for review and comment. Tenant also submits materials board for review.
1.3 Port reviews and gives conditions of approval.
1.4 Facility Permit Program (FPP) Process introduced to tenant.

City of Portland Facility Permit Program Website
1.5 Port of Portland’s Development Services Engineer may be able to provide as-built drawings and other Port reference drawings. Please contact Development Services for further assistance.

PDX Terminal Design Standards - Please contact tenantimprovements@portofportland.com
Port of Portland Tenant Improvement Process Guide
Recommended Sustainability Performance Standards and Local Resource Options

Pre-design Development Orientation Meeting and Design Review

2.1 Tenant and their design team meet with Facilities, Properties, Engineering, Maintenance, Terminal Ops, Airside Ops, and Construction to discuss Port technical specifications, guidelines, and operational requirements.
2.2 Introduction to Port Technical Guidelines.
2.3 Tenant submits +/-50% completed construction drawings (architectural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, etc.) for Design Review.
2.4 Port reviews and gives conditions of approval.

PDX Terminal Design Standards - Please contact tenantimprovements@portofportland.com
PDX Construction Master Specifications
Multnomah County Health Department
City of Portland Fire and Rescue
Port of Portland Fire Department
Recommended Sustainability Performance Standards and Local Resource Options

Construction Permit Review and City Permitting Process

3.1 Tenant submits 100% complete construction documents, drawings, specifications, and application for Port construction permit.

Permit Application
Radio Frequency Permit Application
Electrical Circuit Request Form
Meter, Backflow Device or Pressure Vessel Removal Form
Meter, Backflow Device or Pressure Vessel Install Form
3.2 Port reviews and gives conditions of approval.
3.3 Tenant can submit for City Facility Permit Program or standard over the counter City of Portland permit concurrently with Port of Portland permit application.
3.4 Introduction to required construction deposit fee.
3.5 Detail on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) 7460 process. This form is submitted by the Port of Portland on the tenant’s behalf, when required.

Port Fact Sheet on FAA 7460 Process

In administering Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations CFR Part 77, the prime objectives of the FAA are to promote air safety and the efficient use of the navigable airspace. To accomplish this mission, aeronautical studies are conducted based on information provided by proponents on an FAA Form 7460-1, Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration.

The FAA 7460-1 "On Airport" submittal process is generally required on new exterior construction or alteration projects at PDX, General Aviation Airports (Hillsboro and Troutdale), and contiguous Port owned land.

The FAA will conduct a study to determine if the height, layout and composition of the proposed structure or alteration will obstruct the navigable airspace or adversely affect FAA facilities such as navigational aids or buried cables.

Some examples of projects that would require an FAA 7460-1 application to be submitted are:

  • New exterior structure or an alteration to the exterior of an existing structure.
  • Installation of light poles.
  • Equipment exceeding 15 feet in height that would be used to construct the proposed alteration or structure.
  • Underground excavation or utilities infrastructure installation.
  • Antennas or satellite dishes that transmit including exterior Wi-Fi antennas.
  • New rooftop equipment that extends beyond the existing roof elevation.
  • Separate 7460-1 applications should be submitted for each proposed structure, antenna, and individual piece of equipment exceeding 15 feet in height.

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Permit Issuance and Pre-construction Meeting

4.1 Port permit issued.
4.2 City permit issued.
4.3 Port Tenant Improvement Team coordinates access, badging, and staging areas with tenant and contractor.
4.4 Tenant, contractor, and Port staff visit the construction site to answer any questions.
4.5 Tenant Construction Office collects Port construction deposit at Pre-Construction Meeting.


5.1 Port monitors progress and schedules construction progress meetings as necessary on behalf of tenant's contractor.
5.2 City inspections are requested and scheduled by contractor.

Project Closeout

6.1 Port performs walkthrough.
6.2 Punch list is created and given to contractor.
6.3 Once all punch list items are remedied, Project is accepted by the Port.
6.4 As-builts are due within 90 days of Project completion.
6.5 Port construction deposit is returned when all punch list items are complete and as-builts are submitted.
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