Project Design and Construction

These design standards and guidelines are intended to provide information and resources to architectural/engineering consultants and contractors working on projects for the Port of Portland or its tenants. The documents are updated frequently; please download the current version when starting work on a new project. Please contact your Port contact with questions.

These documents are intended for use by consultants to the Port of Portland and by others for construction and remodeling of Port-owned facilities. The Port of Portland bears no liability or responsibility for any other use of these documents.

The Port requires that all consultants follow the below standards and guidelines. Any deviation from Port standards requires approval from the Port Project Manager.

Port Design Standards and manuals

The Port's master specifications are written in accordance with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Masterformat guidelines for organizing and numbering sections within 50 divisions. They are designed to be edited extensively for specific projects.

If you are looking for a section that is not part of the Port's master system, refer to the Port Preferred Section Numbers list. The Port spec writer assigned to your project may be able to provide a section from a recent past project to use as a starting point. If no master or past project section is available, you will be expected to develop the section yourself, matching the format of our masters.

CSI Master Specifications

FAA Master Specifications and Regional Modifications

The Port uses the FAA’s latest master specifications with regional modifications, as well as an additional set of Port-specific modifications to be applied to certain FAA sections. Links to these modifications are listed below. Please contact the Port engineer or spec writer assigned to the project prior to beginning work on any FAA specs.

Deliver all project drawings in the appropriate Autodesk software. Use the AutoCAD and Revit templates below when designing work for the Port. This will produce consistent, neat, and accurate drawing sets that follow Port standards. All relevant styles, blocks, and content is embedded in the below templates.

Templates and Standards

For the Contractor's convenience, typical construction forms and instructions are available here. See your contract for specific requirements.

Construction forms and instructions

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