Hillsboro Airport Community Advisors


During the most recent master plan update at Hillsboro Airport, we heard from community members that they want to be informed of significant projects, have opportunities to learn and share their thoughts with staff regarding upcoming airport projects or ongoing operations.

In response to this input, the Planning Advisory Committee for the Hillsboro Airport Master Plan unanimously approved our future engagement strategy in December 2018, which outlined the creation of the Hillsboro Airport Community Advisors (HACA) committee.

This 10-person committee will meet four times each year to advise us on project specific outreach strategies and discuss ongoing operations. HACA will help implement digital and in-person outreach and provide opportunities for the community to be informed, to inspire change and to provide feedback on relevant decisions related to Hillsboro Airport.


Community Member at Large
Franklin Munguia

Community Member at Large
Kimberly Culbertson

City of Hillsboro
Colin Cooper

Culturally-Specific Organization
Mariana Valenzuela, Centro Cultural

Education Representative
Travis Reiman, Hillsboro School District

Hillsboro Airport Manager
Steve Nagy, Port

Hillsboro Airport Tenant
Laura Cattell

Real Estate Interest
Mike Thomas

Sustainability Interest
In Selection

Washington County
Leah Perkins-Hagele

Supporting Documents
Upcoming Meetings
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