Airline Rates & Forms

Airline Rates and Charges

Select the link below for the most current airline rates and charges.

PDX Airline Rate Sheet

Passenger Facility Charge Status Reports

Activity Through June 30, 2018
Activity Through December 31, 2017
Activity Through September 30, 2017
Activity Through March 31, 2017

Airline Rates and Landing Fee Forms

This page will enable you to print a copy of the most current landing report forms for Portland International Airport.

The following landing report forms are in Microsoft Excel format:

Airlines - Passenger and Cargo

Signatory Airline
Ordinance 433 Airline

General Aviation- PDX

Landing Report Form
Fuel Flowage Report - PDX

General Aviation - Hillsboro and Troutdale

Fixed-Based Operator (FBO) Landing Report
Landing Report Form
Fuel Flowage Report